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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

2011 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #16

11% of People Responding to a Poll


- Answer to a recent Rasmussen poll question:   "Another proposal has been made for the federal government to provide every single American with a basic income grant. The idea would be to provide enough money for everyone to enjoy a modest living regardless of whether or not they choose to work. Do you favor or oppose having the federal government provide every single American with a basic income grant?"

GET OFF YOUR ASSES!  The government is not your babysitter and the productive portion of the nation is not your mommy and daddy...Speaking of mommy and daddy, I bet much of this 11% is not only living with their parents, but is also sucking them dry like the lecherous punks they are.

And if they aren't being taken care of by their mommy and daddy, they are being provided for by their uncle; Uncle Sammy...Otherwise known as those of us who are willing and able to not only fend for ourselves but also pay for these sad-sacks.

Here's a question:  What percent of this 11% do you think voted for President Obama, and will do so again in 2012?  You know it's 100%...That stat alone should make the rest of you who voted for Obama want to vomit.



  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous brian said…

    sounds like the netherlands. not only do they take care of people who do not work, they also pay for you to take a vacation, working or not. their mindset is: if you have time to unwind, you will be more likely to be more motivated to find work.

    they also pay for expenses with childcare. they do not see that they are enabling dependency in the people. they will never be able to fend for themselves.


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