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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Gary Elthie (Tribal Environmental Professionals)

"With our culture, we feel that trees are people, too...Trees are people, too."

- Trying to save trees from being removed at Northern Arizona University.

I have plenty of Cherokee in my blood, so I don't want to hear any guff for my comments...And yes, I do know "what made the red man red".  Of course it was the little Indian girl kissing the Indian boy. (Big Chief from Peter Pan)

As far as Gary and his barbarian cultured Indian pals go, they need to get over themselves.  Trees aren't people.  The dirt isn't a person.  Wolves and the clouds aren't people.  People are people...Well, most people are people.

So, here's two 'words of advice' I have for Gary:
1.  Quit being used as a chess-piece by the Left.  The red man is simply being used as a pawn of the Reds, as Green-loving clowns.
2.  Either leave the reservation and be part of the 21st Century or stay on the reservation and continue living in the Stone Age...But if you choose to stay on the 'rez' do so on your own dime instead of that of taxpayer.

On a side note, I can't be the only one who finds it a little ironic on this matter the NAU school mascot a Lumberjack...Doh!


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