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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #5

Mikey 'He Eats Everything' Moore

"Of course I'm not.  How can I be in the 1%?  No, that's not true.  I do really well.  I do well, but what's the point, though?"

- Comment as part of a dialogue on the Piers Morgan Show.

"You're in the 1%?" - Morgan
"I'm not in the 1%." - Moore
"Probably 0.2%." - Morgan

According to the IRS, the top 1% is defined as Americans who make at least $343,927 per year...At last check, Mikey is worth around $50 million!!!  That's $343,927 times about 143 years.

Hey Mikey, you POS, quit claiming to be a man of the people.  You're not only in the top 1% of Americans when it comes to wealth (or the top 0.2% as Morgan said), but you are in the top 0.01% of the richest SOB's in the history of the world...Get over yourself.

And don't think for a minute the scumbags you claim to support won't come after your fat keister eventually.

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