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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NYU Press

“[r]ather than teaching children to obey authority, to conform, or to seek redemption through prayer, twentieth-century leftists encouraged children to question the authority of those in power. Tales for Little Rebels collects forty-three mostly out-of-print stories, poems, comic strips, primers, and other texts for children that embody this radical tradition.”

- A short comment from the publisher of 'Tales for Little Rebels: A Collection of Radical Children's Literature'

Normally I wouldn't make note of one of the many Commie books floating around the Internet, but this one has become a hot topic among the 'Occupy' crowd...Shocking, aye?  Hardly.  One, its no surprise the professional Left is co-opting the moronic students at these 'occupations.'  Second, propagandizing children is a time honored ploy of all dictators.  And make no mistake, these Lefties desire to create an elitist dictatorship.

Throw in a little pot and you have the perfect "red diaper doper baby"* breeding grounds.

* = Michael Savage


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