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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rep. Jim Moran (D - Virginia)

“The banks aren’t doing it, but the federal government can borrow money at three-and-a-half percent today. They should use that money to refinance every home mortgage, and that would put $750 billion into homeowners pockets.”

So, in essence Moron's saying taxpaying Americans (all 53% of us) should pay for every home mortgage, because the federal government has no money other than what it collects from the American people...Just what we need, another trillion dollars added to the 'National Noose' around our necks; better known as the National Debt.

Our children will never stop cursing us for our vain ignorance and shortsightedness.

I could be wrong (though I'm not), but last I checked Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (pseudo-government housing agencies) were the main drivers in the housing boom/bust which got us in our current mess...Yet somehow Moron thinks more government interference will solve the problem?  Of course he does.  That's the answer to every question for Liberals.

Maybe the real answer is for the government to get out of the housing business (among other things) and stop creating problems in the first place...Nah.  If they did that Democrats would have no reason for existing.


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