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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dutch Medical Association (Mengele Wannabes)

"Many older people have various afflictions that are not actually life-threatening but do make them vulnerable...Vulnerability stems not only from health problems and the ensuing limitations, but also the measure in which people have social skills, financial resources and a social network.  Vulnerability has an impact on quality of life and on prospects for recovery, and can lead to unbearable and lasting suffering."

- Portion of a 10-year study on expanding euthanasia for the elderly in the Netherlands.

Wanna know what makes these old-folks most "vulnerable"?  People who want to kill them off because they are too expensive to keep around, or are simply a pain in the rear to care for...Come to think of it, "vulnerable" might not be the best term.  'Vulture-nable' is more like it - with a bunch of 'vultures' hovering over waiting for them to die.

"The whole assisted suicide euthanasia issue is a symptom, not a cause...I think it's a symptom of a society that has decided that it can't establish moral standards." - Wesley Smith (American bioethicist)


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