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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Etan Thomas (NBA Multi-Millionairre)

"A few friends of mine told me that although they appreciate my support for the Occupy Wall Street movement, I would never be considered part of the 99 percent (they made the distinction that I was more like the 5 percent).  My question is, if an Occupy the NBA were to happen, would the players be lumped in with the 1 percent because of million-dollar salaries?"

- Trying to compare himself and his NBA pals to the so-called 99%.

It was bad enough when NBA players were popping off that they were like former slaves, and how this putz finds the need to claim he's a 99%'er...Dude's made around $44 million in his 9-year NBA career.  More than I, or most Americans, could make in multiple lifetimes.

$44,000,000 makes you a 1%'er, dumbass!  Quit trying to spin it.

That said, I'm so glad to see the NBA in shambles.  Basketball is a great game, and NBA players are some of the most insanely gifted athletes in the world, but the NBA game sucks...Here's hoping it never comes back, though I know it will.  So, I'm stuck with the hope enough damage is done that the player and owners figure out a way to make the game more watchable.  It may never be as good as college basketball, but this 'lost year' is an opportunity to make it much better than it has become.

And maybe it'll do a little to humble the spoiled brats who play in 'the Association'.


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