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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate)

"I realize there are some wealthy individuals (in Congress) - I’m not one of them."

She's not "one of them"?  She's not "wealthy"?

Let's take a look at that claim:  Warren lives in a $5,000,000 house, and has an investment portfolio of $8,000,000.  If she's elected to the Senate she'll rank among the 'Top 25 wealthiest members of Congress.'

What the hell is "wealthy" in the mind of this jackal?  The answer isn't as simple as dollars and cents (or sense) to these Liberal scumbags because they look at themselves as deserving elites, which exempts them from normal standards...They are 'smarter', more 'caring' and 'compassionate' than Average Joes so they deserve their millions, but they are not "wealthy."

Average Joes, however, aren't as 'smart' or 'caring' and 'compassionate' as they are, and really don't deserve their tens-of-thousands...In fact, they are nothing but useful idiots in the grand schemes of the do-gooder, Liberal elites.  So if they earn anything over the level of subsistence established by the Elizabeth Warren-types they are expected to give it back to the Elizabeth Warren-types because the elites can spend it much more wisely than the Average Joes.

Sound condescending?  It is!  It is the essence of Liberalism, which is Paternalism:  "Paternalism is the interference of a state or an individual with another person, against their will, and defended or motivated by a claim that the person interfered with will be better off or protected from harm." - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


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