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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Georgia Education System

“Before passing judgment, I certainly hope the parents and the community leaders that are calling for the firing of these teachers allow the school district to fully investigate the cause behind the incident...This is an unfortunate incident...I don’t believe the teacher wanted to expose those kids to anything offensive. Gwinnett County teachers are dedicated. They work hard and try on a daily basis to do the right thing.” - Calvine Rollins  (President, Georgia Association of Educators)

Beaver Ridge Elementary School - Third Grade, 'cross-curricular' activity (social studies and math)

Question 1:  "Each tree had 56 oranges.  If eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?"

Question 2:  "If Frederick [Douglas] got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?"

“The superintendent said it was an honest mistake...But there is no scenario in which I think that a teacher should have developed questions that inflammatory. That teacher should have no future in the teaching profession. Our position is that teacher and the teachers who distributed the questions should be fired. Five teachers made the right decision not to distribute them.” - Ed DuBose (President, Georgia NAACP)

This is so great; a three-way of Liberal Jackassery.

First you have the moronic Libby teachers who thought it would be a good idea to throw in a little racial-injustice with their math assignments.  I'm assuming they feel crunched for time and figured it would be a good use of time to combine 'Propaganda 101' with 'Propaganda 102'...I wonder how many of the kiddies got '8' and '16'? Having dealt with public schools I doubt it was many.

Second, you know the Libby teacher's union is going to have the teacher's backs...That said, I'm assuming the teachers are black or Hispanic, because if they were white even the union wouldn't go that far.

Third, gotta love the Libby NAACP jumping in wanting a little payback.  Next they need to bring in Jesse Jackson and 'Not-Fat-Anymore' (but still plenty stupid) Al Sharpton.  We need marching in the streets...Again, I'm assuming the teachers aren't white, because if they were this would be headline news instead of just stuff you get if you read Pero's blogs.

Here's hoping everyone gets the boot; the teachers, the union leaders, and the race-baiting clowns.  Not fired by the specific entities listed above, however...Here's hoping they all get tossed on their sorry arses by the citizens who are sick of the pathetic race-pandering and piss-poor education their kids receive on a daily basis at the hands of, and due to the polices of, the specific entities listed above.

*Did you notice I put '8' and '16' instead of '7' and '14'?...If you did, good on ya.  You passed the test.  If you didn't, you need to pay more attention.  If you graduated from public school in the past couple decades, however, you get a passing grade because it's not nice to fail people :) - sort of.


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