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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Barack Obama (Economist-in-Chief)

"When Congress refuses to act, Joe and I are going to act...In the months to come, wherever we have an opportunity, we're going to take steps on our own to keep this economy moving."

Lets get a few things straight:

1.  The Republican House has sent many budgets and job plans to the Senate...The Democrat Senate refuses to do likewise, or to come up with compromises on the House ideas.  Which allows Obama to play the "Congress refuses to act" card.

2.  Obama is right, the economy is moving.  Which direction is the problem...Team Obama touts improvement, but real economists (Left and Right) know this improvement is slight at best, and slight-of-hand at worst.

What we need to remember is 'movement' goes both ways...We can move up, down or sideways.

Unfortunately, under Obama's leadership we've seen more down and sideways than up...Part of the reason is due to Obama's anti-business ideas, which crush jobs.  This is why Obama is the Isaac Newton of American Economic Theory - minus the genius part.

Newton's Third Law of Motion:  "To every action there is always an opposed and equal reaction."

In other words, a lot of what Obama proposes leads to an equally opposite reaction of what he claims:  He kills jobs, not creates or saves them.

My question is, does he do it on purpose (evil genius), or is he just incompetent?  Either way the reality is he's dangerous to the economy...Another term might make him lethal.



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