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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jani Kozlowski (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services)

"With a turkey sandwich, that covers your protein, your grain, and if it had cheese on it, that's the dairy...It sounds like the lunch itself would've met all the standards."

Q:  Pero, how is that a Liberal Quote?
A:  It isn't...Yet it is.

It isn't a Liberal Quote, but it is in response to one of the most ridiculous acts of Liberal jackassery I've heard in a long time:  A preschool teacher took a kid's sack lunch away from her and had her eat the school cafeteria lunch instead...The sack lunch had a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, with apple juice, a piece of fruit and a bag of chips.  The school lunch for the day included milk and vegetables (meeting two requirements), which the girl didn't eat, and chicken nuggets (meeting another requirement), which she did eat.

In other words, the teacher replaced a very reasonably nutritious sack lunch the girl would eat for a stack of deep-fried pressed beaks and claws (or whatever is in those nuggets)...Sounds about right in the lunatic-fringe world we live in.

So, back to the top.  Why is Jani's statement a Liberal Quote?  On its face it doesn't look like one.

It is a Liberal Quote, because she didn't come out and say the school taking any kid's homemade sack lunch is ridiculous.  Instead she said the sack lunch "met all the standards"...What if it hadn't "met all the standards"?  Would it be acceptable then?  Her tone and words seem to say it would be acceptable to take away a lunch she doesn't feel is up "the standards".

You know, a lunch at the standards of chicken nuggets!

Oh, and the child's mother received a bill from the school for providing her daughter with lunch for the day.


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