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Thursday, February 23, 2012

State Sen. Pat Jones (D - Utah)

“If you think it’s inconvenient for parents to be warned about the dangers of tanning, how inconvenient is it to take your children to chemotherapy treatments?”

- Commenting on a proposed state law banning minors from going to a tanning salon without parental permission.

Truthfully, I have no problem with passing laws against minors doing stupid shit. They're generally morons, and more parental supervision and authority would be a good thing in our country.

That said, I'm betting Sen. Pat has no problem with minors going to doctors to have their children disected in-utero, ripped from the belly and tossed in the trash...I'm not an anti-abortion absolutist, I'm just saying.

Minors tanning without mommy and daddy = Bad. Minors having abortions without mommy and daddy = Good...Such is the illogical insanity of Liberal morality.


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