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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Carrie Ann Inaba (DWTS PC Specialist)

“You were so beautiful, so elegant and so refined. There’s something about you, I’ve never seen this side of you, I’m so used to seeing you out there so tough and I love those biceps and I love strong woman. But it’s so beautiful to see this transformation of you out there.”

I have no idea if Carrie Ann is a Libby, though I'm sure she is, but she definitely is a professional when it comes to Political Correctness...Let me tell you a personal story.

My wife loves 'Dancing With the Stars.'  Personally, I find it horrible TV, but admit I gawk over the half-wall from my office to check out the lovely ladies in short skirts...Luckily, my wife long ago accepted that I'm a man with fully functional Y-chromosomes, and doesn't get too upset about it.  In fact, she's so wonderful she often calls me in to get a better look at the hotties.

'Get to the point, Pero'! (says the readers)

OK, last night my wife called me in to check out one of the dancers, and like the boy that I am I jumped up with excitement.  She reversed the DVR to the appropriate spot, and I heard Carrie Anne say her fateful words:  “You were so beautiful, so elegant and so refined. There’s something about you...”

And out popped Martina Navratilova!!!!

I almost killed my wife.  But even worse I kept recalling Carrie Ann's comment, and almost threw up in my mouth...If she was honest she would have said something like:  'Martin, your "transformation" barely passes, but for a 55-year-old drag queen what should we expect.'

But she didn't.  She went PC, and surely made every other guy who got suckered into watching the show with his girlfriend/wife nearly vomit...Heck, some may have actually vomited.


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