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Sunday, March 18, 2012

New York Times (Gutless Pukes)

"It's Time To Consider Quitting The Catholic Church"

- Ad run in the 'Times' by a group called 'Freedom From Religion Foundation.'

A couple things to explain:
1.  Why am I not banging on the 'Foundation' for placing the ad, instead of the 'Times'?  Answer:  Americans have a right to hate religion, and my beef isn't about the ad itself.

2.  I'm not defending the Catholic Church, which is more and more in my dog house because it's becoming much more of a Liberal entity than a Conservative one...It is anti-abortion, but other than that it's undeniably Liberal - I'm very open to arguments on this matter, but am sure I can shoot them down, easily.

That said, the New York Times is gutless for running this ad, but refusing to run another one making a similar plea against Islam.  Islam is much more anti-woman, anti-minority, anti-human in general, and anti-abortion and anti-gay in particular, than Catholicism.  So why did the 'Times' run the anti-Catholic ad but not the anti-Islam ad?


What do they have to be afraid of by bashing the Catholic Church?  A few cranky bishops might write op-eds and some goody-two-shoes old ladies might hold bake sales against them, but other than that they have nothing to fear, because Catholics (Christians as a whole) are pretty pathetic and benign.

What do they have to be afraid of by bashing Islam?  Well, ya know - beheadings, bombings and fatwas - because Muslims aren't quite as benign.  Just ask Theo van Gogh, Salmon Rushdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the editors who had the guts to run the Mohammad cartoons, and don't forget Mickey Mouse.

We may have a 'free press', but we have anything but a 'reasonable', 'honest', and 'fearless' press, and nothing proves it more than the way they throw haymakers at Christianity, yet handle Islam with kid-gloves.



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