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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Rose Supper Club

"There will be 'free shots at the door.'"

- Part of an advertisement for a Montgomery, Alabama club.

YES!!  I love shots; Jack, vodka, Jager, tequila, apple puckers, I'm not too picky.  Especially when it comes to "free shots"...I mean, what a rare treat to be given "free shots."  Usually I have to take advantage of a a young fella like Eric to get "free shots" (inside joke).

There has to be a pretty high cover charge to get "free shots", right?  Probably $25 or so, and as part of the cover you get a "free shot at the door."

Wrong!  On April 6th, the Rose Supper Club was offering "free shots at the door" in honor of what they called "Food Stamp Friday"...There was a $5 cover, but the kicker to get the "free shots" was you had to present your food stamp card at the door.

That's right, bring your food stamp card, join the Supper Club for "Food Stamp Friday" and get a "free shot at the door."

I wonder if the patrons also had to present a photo ID proving they were old enough to drink?  Nah.  That would be too difficult for the Food Stampers, and could be perceived as discrimination...Which could lead to Attorney General Holder coming down on the bar, because asking for food stamps cards is one thing, but asking for a photo ID is entirely over the top.

WAIT A MINUTE!  I think I have a compromise on the voter ID problem:  Don't require people bring their driver's license to the voting booth, simply require them to show their food stamp card...This would be absolute proof they are Americans in the Age of Obama!


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