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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D - Ohio)

"As a nation, you know, I, I , I, I look back at history and some of the worst governments we've ever had, you know one of the first things they did?  They went after the trade unions.  Hitler didn't want unions, Stalin didn't want unions, Mubarak didn't want independent unions.  These, these autocrats in history don't want independent unions.  So when I see, when I see in Egypt, or if I see in, in the old Soviet Russia, or I see - history tells me about Germany - I, I, I'm not, I'm not comparing what's happening to the workers in Madison (Wisconsin) or in Columbus (Ohio) to Hitler and Stalin, but I'm saying that history teaches us that unions are a very positive force in society that creates a middle class and that protects our freedom."

I feel for people who have speech impediments of any kind.  It has to be terribly frustrating and difficult...That said, Sen. Brown doesn't have a speech impediment, and "I, I, I, I", I'm afraid he knows perfectly well what he's saying is a load of poo poo.  Which is why he could barely get out an intelligible or intelligent sentence in his screed against the Governors of Ohio and Wisconsin.

His own 'BS Detector' was trying to 'impede' him from saying something completely stupid...But it failed.

Also, I love it when people say stuff like 'I, I, I'm not comparing someone to Hitler or Stalin, but I, I, I'm comparing someone to Hitler or Stalin.'

Have some balls, and say what you mean!  If you want to compare people to Hitler and Stalin, just do it, and stand behind your comment...And if your comment is completely absurd, which most comparisons to these monsters are, take the lumps you deserve for being an ignoramus.

To set the fact straight, it's also important to know Governors Walker, Kaisich and Christie (New Jersey) haven't banned any unions at all.  The private sector unions haven't been touched in the slightest, and the public sector unions have simply been forced to get more in line with the economic and financial realities of their states...No one's been forced out of their union, no one's been sent to a gulag or death camp.


  • At 7:58 PM, Anonymous PC_Bucs said…

    You mean Mr Brown was EXAGGERATING about what Conservatives are really doing and accomplishing? And it was on the negative side of the issue? Who would have thought a liberal would do that?

    PS. I am so sick of hearing Progs lie through their teeth, I may have to watch the news in a different room from my wife because I keep yelling the truth at their lies!!


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