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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Jay Caruthers (Stuffed-Animal Rights Activist)

"I recently saw a movie preview, and am disgusted with what I saw. The movie in question is called 'Ted'...I will list my complaints, and hope the ACLU, PETA, Democrat Party, and other activists who support stuffed-animal rights will take up the fight, as I am.
1. A stuffed bear was made to perform for the gratuitous pleasure of humans...It's like watching a snuff film!
2. I could be wrong, but I'd bet the stuffed bear wasn't given the opportunity to unionize with other stuffed animals prior to being forced into this role.  It's just like the enslavement of blacks before the Civil War...I can't believe 'Occupy Stuffed Animals' hasn't vandalized multiple cities over this one.
3. The stuffed bear was given a part acting like a complete maniac...Stereotypes such as this are way over the top, and only reflect the behavior of 5% of the stuffed bear population.
4. What sick movie director would force a stuffed animal to learn to speak? This poor little guy not only had to speak but, horror-of-all-horrors was made to speak - wait for it - wait for it - wait for it one more time - this poor stuffed animal was made to speak ENGLISH! (Screeching sound in the background)
5. Ted - the stuffed bear - was shown as a heterosexual womanizer...Uh, everyone knows stuffed bears are homosexuals. Where do you think the gay term about 'bears' came from? Come on people, everyone knows stuffed bears prefer donkeys over kitties (do the calculus yourself)."

Has Pero gone mad? No. Every once and awhile I like to follow the old adage of 'not judging until walking in the shoes of others.'

Let me tell you, walking in the shoes of Liberal Jackasses is painful; really painful. This is a fact I hope everyone understands, and feels for when they are forced to communicate with Liberals...Why are Liberals in such pain? After 'walking in their shoes' I have discovered the answer: Being full of shit is excruciating.


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