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Monday, July 09, 2012

35% of 'Likely Voters'


- Answer to a poll by TheHill.com (definitely not a Conservative group); 1000 likely voters:  "Has President Obama changed America for the better or for worse?"

It's hard to believe anyone thinks Obama has changed the country for the better, but I still find it impossible to believe 53% of the American electorate put him in office in the first place.

That said, 56% of those polled said the country has changed for the "Worse", and I'm betting that's low, because a lot of people who voted for Obama won't admit he's a train wreck, but in their heart they know he is.  They just aren't willing to say it out loud.

And if even half of the 35% who claim Obama's changed the country for the better don't actually believe it, and vote with their head instead of their heart, then the 2012 Election is going to be a repeat of the 2010 Election - a "shellacking".


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