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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D - Clueless, NV)

"Next question."

Well that seems like a pretty innocuous statement; nothing like a 'Liberal Jackass Quote.'  It's important to remember 'content' isn't everything, however.  As a simple statement "next question" means nothing at all.  What's important is 'context.'

The Weekly Standard (TWS): "Leader Reid, when it comes to the Bush tax cuts...why didn't Senate Democrats push through this bill (to end the cuts) back when you controlled the Senate, the House, and the presidency?"
Harry Reid (HR): "The tax cuts weren't about to expire then. So that's why we're doing it now."
TWS: "You could have foreseen this issue two years ago."
HR: "And that's why they were extended one year."
TWS: "Why didn't they vote when you could have pushed this bill through and had it signed into law?"
HR: "Next question."

In simpler terms:
Q.  'Hey Harry, you Democrats controlled everything from 2009-2010, so why didn't you guys kill off the Bush tax cuts back then?'
A.  'Are you out of your mind?  We didn't want to take sole responsibility for crushing the American taxpayer and making the Recession even worse than it has already been..."NEXT QUESTION."



  • At 6:51 AM, Anonymous pC_Bucs said…

    It's amazing to watch these idiots in action. They LOVE to rail against the Bush Tax Cuts as being the cause of SO many problems, but you NEVER see that little finger move to vote to get rid of them and do harm to an economy which has benefited from those same tax cuts in ways they would NEVER admit. NOTHING Obama has done helps the economy more than low marginal income tax rates....


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