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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Karen Heaven (Aug. 26th Street Stripper)

"We say there is nothing wrong with the female nipple...My dog has six, I have two, but I can be put in jail for showing my nipples. It's 2012 - what are we thinking?"

- Heaven is an organizer of 'National Go Topless Day'...Celebrated this past Sunday.

Damn!  I missed this so-called holiday!

As far as "what are we thinking?"  I can tell you, I'm thinking these people are nuts...Wait, I better not say that, because next thing you know hippie Libby's will be out parading 'Show Your Nuts Day' - Oh wait, they already do this at the Folsom Street Fair.

I may be wrong in assuming this woman is a Liberal, but I doubt it, because I'm pretty sure if a Conservative like myself compared six nippled dogs with two nippled women it would be a problem...And heaven forbid if I made an even more insensitive remark linking the two as 'bitches.'

I'm just saying.


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