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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Donna the 'Deer Lady'

"My frustration is that the Minnesota and North Dakota departments of transportation would allow these deer crossings to be in such high-traffic areas...I've even seen them on the interstate.  Why are we encouraging deer to cross the interstate?  I don't get it - that's such a high-traffic area."

Talking about believing in the power of government.

"The government put the deer crossings there.  They can direct the deer population anywhere they want to by moving that deer crossing sign." - Deer Chick

I've heard of people following the government like sheep, but never deer following the government like people - or sheep.

Luckily, she now realizes the signs are designed for sheep-like people, not people-like deer.

"I never really thought about it enough to realize that I was kind of being ridiculous." - Deer Chick

"Ridiculous", indeed...Sadly, I'm betting she's also a "ridiculous" Obama follower.


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