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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Je$$e Jack$on (Race $huck$ter)

"What do we want?  We want, we want, we want, we de$erve, we de$erve...a return on our investment.  What'$ good for u$ is good for everybody.  What'$ good for black$ i$ good for everybody.  We bled too much, we died too young, we cried too much, we prayed too long, now we want a return on our inve$tment."

$ound$ like Je$$e i$ a capitali$t; wanting a return on hi$ inve$tment and all...But we know better, becau$e capitali$m require$ work.  Je$$e doe$n't believe in work, he believe$ in $hakedown$.

$o, what doe$ Je$$e "want", "want, "want"?  What doe$ he "want" for all the crying, and bleeding and dying?

Come on now, don't over think it.  You know the an$wer.  Je$$e want$ more $$$$$$$$!



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