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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #9

International Union of Operating Engineers (Neo-Slaves)

"In this case, the Defendants have exacted compulsory service and/or involuntary servitude from the Union through the combination of the passage of the Right to Work law and the existing federal requirement of the duty of fair representation...Through these laws, the Union is compelled to furnish services to all persons in bargaining units that it represents, but it may not require payment for those services because of the Right to Work law.  The statute also requires dues-paying union members to work alongside non-union personnel, and that is compulsory service and/or involuntary servitude withing the meaning of the Thirteenth Amendment."

- A complaint in a lawsuit against Indiana's Right to Work laws.

What a bunch of buncombe.  These union clowns are claiming their 13th and 14th Amendment rights are being abused due to non-union workers being allowed to work with union workers...The horror!  And the disgrace for these primadonnas to have to be anywhere near non-union workers.

For review:  The 13th Amendment 'banned slavery' and 14th Amendment requires 'equal protection under the law.'

These jerkoffs are comparing union workers to slaves, because they have to work with non-union workers?  Really?  Seems like a stretch to me, but maybe it is the same as slaves being tied to the land, traded and sold at auction, and beaten...Ya, that sounds about right.

As far as 'equal protection' goes, Right to Work laws give non-union workers 'equal protection' and the right to work.  Duh, that's what they were designed to do...Which is exactly why the unions hate them.  It takes away their exclusivity.

What these whiny union turds need to understand is Right to Work does not mean 'Right to a Job'. Maybe the answer is if they don't like it they should quit...Or do they think they're the only ones who deserve the right to work? Of course they do, which is why they want 'unequal rights' placing themselves over non-union workers.



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