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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bette Midler (Mental Midget)

"It feels as if mental health treatment is one of the most intractable problems we have had since Ronald Reagan emptied the institutions."

Lets see, Reagan has been dead for eight years, hasn't been President for 26-years, and the law I'm assuming she's referring to was passed 45-years ago (1967, Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, when he was Governor of California).

Yet she believes it is his fault we have so many nutters running around the country?  Really?

It couldn't be the fact the country as a whole is a basket-case?  A country where morals have been turned upside-down at best, disregarded as a whole at worst?  A country where children are being raised by single parents - or two parents of the same gender?  A country on the path to legalizing marijuana, and who-knows-what-else for recreational use?  A country where children are taught they are brilliant and adults are 'know nothings'? 

In other words, the nation's mental health problems couldn't possibly be a result of the fact that much of the country is filled with such narcissistic beliefs that nothing matters except what they think matters?  A nation of self-absorbed sociopaths.

Nah!  The insane culture we have is Ronald Reagan's fault!


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