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Monday, January 21, 2013

Chris 'The Thrill Seeker' Matthews

"It (Obama's inaugural address) reminds me of another second inaugural, Lincoln's, so much of Lincoln in that speech, from the Gettysburg Address to the second inaugural itself."

Obama is great at giving speeches.  He has perfect cadence, pitch and emotion.  But the content of his speeches are vapid, with no substance of note.  They are performances of the first order; hardly Lincolnesque, because Lincoln's speeches were brilliant in their content...I'm sure Liberals will argue with this.  The way to prove it is to read Obama's speeches.  They are nothing without his performance; because they are much ado about nothing in the first place.

Also, Obama would be better off trying to be a good president in his own right, rather than attempting to recreate the magic of pasts president...This he cannot do, as well either, because it goes back to content:  Lincoln was a great leader and a uniter.  Obama is a great campaigner and a divider.

These Liberal idiots don't do Obama any favors comparing him to Lincoln.  If anything, it shows how small Obama is in comparison to previous presidents...Regardless of how desperately clowns like Chris Matthews want to put him on Mount Rushmore - the equivalent of giving him a Nobel Peace Prize before doing anything.

Oh ya, that happened.

"I hate to use such a cliche, but if I had a dollar for every time a liberal compares a speech of Obama's to the Gettysburg Address, I'd be in a much higher tax bracket.  Tomorrow's headline:  Obama orders breakfast, Matthews compares it to the Gettysburg Address." - Zsuzsa (Internet commenter)

Exactly.  And if I had a dollar for every time Matthews got a 'tingle up his leg' - or anywhere else - from Obama I'd be Warren Buffet.



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