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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Current TV Employees

"He's (Al Gore) supposed to be the face of clean energy and just sold (the station) to very big oil, the emir of Qatar!  Current never even took big oil advertising - Al Gore, that bullshitter sells to the emir?" - Employee too gutless to be named

- Comment about Al Gore selling his TV network to Al Jazeera for around $500 million.

I have to admit, I love it when Liberal 'true believers' get stung by their manipulative overlords.  There are millions of environMENTALIST nutters who really believe in Al Gore and his 'Man-Made Global Warming' racket, and now they are seeing he - and the rest of his peers - is nothing but a shuckster.

"Al was always lecturing us about green.  He kept his word about green alright - as in cold, hard cash!" - Another employee too gutless to be named

Oh, yes he did!  Al got paid; big.  How big?  Well, lets just put it this way, Al 'King of the Greenie Weanies' Gore - and Liberal icon in general - is now richer than Mitt Romney...Ouch!  That has too hurt.

Nothing like seeing one of your heroes use you as the "useful idiot" you are, on his path towards becoming a true plutocrat.

On a different note, I can't be the only one who notices these environMENTALIST employees are upset about Al selling to "big oil," but had nothing to say about him selling his station to a terrorist propaganda outfit...Uhhhh.


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