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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rep. Ma'r'xine Waters (D - CA)

"We don't need to have something like sequestration that's going to cause these jobs losses, over 170 million jobs that could be lost."

170,000,000 Americans might lose their jobs if the sequestration is allowed to occur...Oh my!  That's a lot of jobs.

It most definitely is a lot of jobs, especially considering there are only 143.5 million Americans in the entire workforce...So, not only is it possible that all of us might lose our job, but we might lose them more than once:  170,000,000/143,500,000 = 1.2.

It's bad enough losing your job 1 time, but losing it 1.2 times is way over the top!

Either that or maybe Marxine is assuming 26.5 million illegals will also lose their job, too.

Maybe the real answer is Marxine is just full of caca, and spews said caca out of her pie-hole with the full knowledge that 1.  Many are too stupid to know any better.  2.  Most don't pay any attention when she opens said pie-hole.

I'm betting it's a 50/50 proposition.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Barack Obama (Sequestering SOB)

"These (sequestration) cuts are wrong.  They're so wrong.  They're not fair.  They're a self-inflicted wound that doesn't have to happen."

I love Obama and the Democrats gloom-and-doom talk about the sequestration.  You'd think they were being forced to cut trillions of dollars.  They aren't...You'd also think the Republicans are the ones who came up with the "self-inflicted" wounding.  They weren't.

Obama was the one who came up with this sequestration idea.  He's also the one insisting on it coming to fruition...And I'm all for it.

The sequestration is forcing the government to cut $85 billion dollars.  In the real world, $85 billion is a lot of money.  In the U.S. federal government 'budget' - as if they have one - it is chump change.

The other trick Obama's trying to pass off is that he is being forced to cut 'necessary' programs.  He's not.  The cuts are at his discretion...He can cut military spending, border enforcement, Medicare, Social Security, etc. - in other words, 'hard things.'  Or he can cut garbage like the $18 billion of crap listed in 'Wastebook'.

There's no denying there is much more than $85 billion of fraud, waste and abuse in the federal government system...Obama has literally thousands of options to cut.  He can cut all the junk, or he can cut the stuff that will hurt Americans.

IT IS ALL HIS CHOICE WHAT HE CUTS.  Time will tell which he CHOOSES to do, because it is HIS choice...Here's betting he picks the hard stuff so he can make Americans suffer.

On a final note, this sequestration is a great tipping point for the American people, because if we can't handle a small cut in government spending like the one forced in the sequestration then we'll never be able to cut anything...Sadly, I'm betting the 'wasters' and 'takers' are going to win this one.  Which will ultimately make us Greece-on-steroids.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Californicating Politicos

"We're going to be mandating that every single person in this state have insurance...What good is it if they are going to have a health insurance card, but no access to doctors." - California State Senator Ed Hernandez (D)

What's Ed talking about?  It sounds like he's talking about the British and Canadian health care systems, not the one we have in the good ol' U.S. of A.

I thought we were all gonna have 'free' insurance, and it was also going to be the highest level of care anyone has ever seen - in the history of humanity...Because everything Obama is in charge of is not only 'cheaper than ever' but also 'better than ever.'  In fact it is always the 'best ever' - because it came from the magnanimity of Barack Obama.

How can it be there aren't enough doctors to fill the pipes of the pipe dreamers who created ObamaCare?  Come on, I refuse to believe smart people who would usually go to medical school won't continue to do so under the new regime:  Go into massive debt, give up years of earning as interns, receive lower reimbursement, caring for many, many more people than they should - all while the threats from malpractice haven't been touched...It also can't be true that many doctors are looking at the option of early retirement rather than become pawns of the 'Affordable Care Act' - maybe my favorite part of ObamaCare is this sham formal title.

So, what are we going to do?  How are all these people who 'have to get' insurance - even if it's not 'free' - going to get the care they so desperately need if there is a doctor shortage.

"We're not going to produce thousands of additional doctors in any kind of short-term time frame...It makes sense to look at changes that could relieve the pressure that we're going to undoubtedly encounter for access to care." - California State Assemblyman Roger Dickinson (D)

Anyone care to guess what that means?  I work in the field and I've been saying it for years:  NP's and PA's will start doing much of what Doctors currently do.  RN's will start doing much of what NP's and PA's currently do.  MA's, CNA's and Patient Care Techs will start doing much of what RN's currently do...And in many cases, these additional duties and responsibilities will be just fine.  But there will be cases when it won't be.  How'd you like to be a patient who is in this situation of receiving care from 'care providers' practicing 'out of scope'?

Get used to it America!  Because it is coming...And don't be surprised when the political hacks start letting monkeys bring you your meds and start your IV's, insert your catheters, or circumcise your children.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Harry & Nancy (Debt Busters)

"The American people need to understand that it's not as if we've done nothing for the debt.  $2.6 trillion - $2.6 trillion already we've made in cuts." - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D - Searchlight)

"The fact is, we've had plenty of spending cuts..[I]t is almost a false argument to say that we have a spending problem." - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D - Marin County)

These two, and the rest of their Congressional peers, must really think the American people are stupid.  There haven't been any 'cuts' in spending...There have been reductions in proposed spending but no cuts.

Here's how these morons work their 'magic':  Lets say the government was going to spend $10 over the next ten years; now the government is going to spend $8 over the next ten years...They are still going to be spending $8 we don't have - $8 we won't have no matter how much they tax the rich, either.

It would be like me saying I planned on going to the store and spending $100, but only spent $80, and then claiming I 'cut my spending by $20'...No, I wouldn't have cut my spending.  I would have still spent $80.

Normal people understand this.  Politicians understand it as well, but they also understand normal people don't understand politico-speak - nor the fake accounting they are allowed to use.  Fake accounting regular people would go to jail for if they did.

Here's the proof about Harry and Nancy's claims:  Click this link and look at the National Debt.  Is it going down, or is it going up?  In order for Harry and Nancy to have any claim to the truth it would have to be going down...It isn't going down at all.  In fact, it is racing "to infinity and beyond!" - Buzz Lightyear

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Barack Obama (Clueless/A Liar)

"The state of our union is strong."
- Declaration at his 'State of the Union Address.'

Really?  The state of the United State is strong?  Really?
Maybe I'm missing something, but our unemployment situation is brutal:  Almost 8% according to the 'official numbers', which comes out to over 12 million Americas who can't find work...The underemployment rate is officially at over 14%; which means many, many more than the 12 million who can't find jobs are stuck in Part-Time jobs, but want AND NEED Full-Time work.  Even worse, no one believes these numbers are accurate; the real numbers are significantly more harsh.
Maybe I'm missing something, but our military is about to be devastated by spending cuts:  Between the threatened 'sequester' and Obama's desire to cut forces and systems we are entering a very scary time...All when the Middle East is as unsteady as ever - even the most optimistic Liberal knows the Arab Spring is an abortion, and the Far East is becoming more troublesome than its been since the 1950's.  China, North Korea and Japan are on a path we will be unable to contain politically, and our military is being gutted.
Maybe I'm missing something, but 48 million Americans are on Food Stamps; dependent on the government for the basic need of eating.
Maybe I'm missing something, but the price of gas and food is ramping up again...At a time when our taxes are going up.  I'm not rich by any means, and sending another $200 a month (between my wife and I) to Uncle Sam isn't helping me with my energy and food bills - let alone discretionary spending.  I have no idea how people who make less do it.
Maybe I'm missing something, but our National Debt is well over $16 trillion - on it's way to infinity.  As if $16,000,000,000,000 isn't infinity-in-reality.

And maybe I'm missing something, but the country is more divided politically than it has been since the 1860's...Half the country hates the other half politically, and vice verse.  Anyone who denies this needs to look at Obama's 'winning' election results:  He got less votes than G.W. Bush did in his re-election bid; a fact the MSM has never bothered to expound on.
Here's the deal, I know I'm not missing any of the above.  I, and most of the country - even those who support President Obama - know his "The state of our union is strong" proclamation is crapola-on-steroids.
Which makes Obama either clueless or a liar...Most Americans know he isn't clueless.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mike Strain (Louisiana State Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner)

"They can sell it six percent over cost all day long.  It's when they sell it below cost that it becomes a problem."

- "it" = milk.

Lets sort this out.  If a store in Louisiana purchases milk from the distributor for $1/gallon, they can sell it for $1.06/gallon (and presumably more), but they cannot sell it for $0.99/gallon.

Just to rub salt in this wound for the people of Louisiana who elect the morons who create these kind of laws:  The regulated cost the stores weren't allowed to go under on the day in question was $2.99/gallon...I regularly purchase milk at $1.67/gallon here in Phoenix, AZ.  Ha ha!

Back to the topic...Who is the state protecting with such stupid price controlling regulations?

Are they saving stores from themselves, assuring they don't lose money on the sale of milk?  Even if the store is willing to do so as an incentive to get more customers in their store; so they can possibly sell more of their other items?  Nah, I doubt the milk commissars are too concerned about store's profit margins...Though they may be looking at their own intake:  Higher store profits = higher store taxes paid to the state.  I doubt this is the matter, but I may be wrong.

Are they saving the customers from purchasing milk too cheaply?  Obviously not.  If anything they are forcing them to pay more than the stores are willing to charge them...FYI:  This hurts the poor much more than the wealthy.  I'm just saying.

They are saving the milk industry!  Ensuring the cost of milk is kept artificially high.

And why on earth would the state care more about milk producers than milk sellers and consumers?  Because Big Agriculture is Big Politics - meaning Big Ag tosses Big $$$ at Big Pols...Funny how it always circles back to that reality; funny in a sick way, that is.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

David Rosnick (EnvironMENTAList)

"The relationship between (shorter work and lower emissions) is complex and clearly understood, but it is understandable that lowering levels of consumption, holding everything else constant, would reduce greenhouse gas emissions...If the world were to follow a more European model of work, we would expect fewer hours, less output, and lower emissions of greenhouse gases."

"Less output" is the operative phrase in that statement.

The developing world doesn't want to become like Europe:  Lazy, unproductive, debt-ridden, degenerates...The developing world wants to become like the U.S.

Let me restate that, the developing world wants to become like the U.S. of the 19th and 20th Century.

There is only one country on Earth which wants "to follow a more European model," and that is the U.S. of today...Sadly, it is succeeding.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

(Up)Chuck Schumer (King of the Senate)

"We are not using border security as an excuse or block to (a) path of citizenship.  We just want to make sure, this is very important both substantively and politically, that there is a secure border.  We are not going to use it as a battering ram to prevent the 11 million from gaining a path to citizenship."

I wish these clowns (D's and R's) would drop that "path to citizenship" garbage.  It's amnesty for illegal aliens who are in the U.S.  Nothing more, nothing less...Maybe this is the right thing to do and maybe it is not, but please quit screwing around with the language.

Chuckie and his pals most definitely plan on giving these illegals citizenship - heaven knows how many there are, but I wish this would be another truth they'd quit playing with...The talking heads like to talk about those 'living in the shadows of society', and for all we know it's far more than 11 million.  It may be 30 million, or 50 million, or who knows how many million...I'd bet it is closer to the 30 million figure than 11 million, but since no one really knows then no one really knows.  That's a scary proposition in its own right.

That said, Chuckie must think we are completely stupid to think anything is going to change with border security.  Sure no one wants jihadis to sneak across our porous borders, not even Democrats, but Democrats care more about a perpetual source of new voters than they really care about protecting the border...If this weren't true they would have finished the border security measures passed in 2007.  Instead they've ignored them; even though many Democrats voted for them at the time.

Also, Chuckie knows no matter what is passed President Obama will simply refuse to enforce the new laws when it comes to illegal immigration.  Just as he has refused to enforce the current laws we have, which are more than adequate but require a President who is willing to carry them out.

So, lets cut the BS and drop the shell game going on in Congress.  There won't be any real border security measures (other than those printed on the paper, but ignored by Obama), and there will be many millions of new citizens - makers and takers (if history is an indicator it'll be about 50/50), and most importantly voters...Have the balls to just say it and name it 'Amnesty Bill 2013.'  I may not like it, but I will at least respect its honesty.


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