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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Barack Obama (Clueless/A Liar)

"The state of our union is strong."
- Declaration at his 'State of the Union Address.'

Really?  The state of the United State is strong?  Really?
Maybe I'm missing something, but our unemployment situation is brutal:  Almost 8% according to the 'official numbers', which comes out to over 12 million Americas who can't find work...The underemployment rate is officially at over 14%; which means many, many more than the 12 million who can't find jobs are stuck in Part-Time jobs, but want AND NEED Full-Time work.  Even worse, no one believes these numbers are accurate; the real numbers are significantly more harsh.
Maybe I'm missing something, but our military is about to be devastated by spending cuts:  Between the threatened 'sequester' and Obama's desire to cut forces and systems we are entering a very scary time...All when the Middle East is as unsteady as ever - even the most optimistic Liberal knows the Arab Spring is an abortion, and the Far East is becoming more troublesome than its been since the 1950's.  China, North Korea and Japan are on a path we will be unable to contain politically, and our military is being gutted.
Maybe I'm missing something, but 48 million Americans are on Food Stamps; dependent on the government for the basic need of eating.
Maybe I'm missing something, but the price of gas and food is ramping up again...At a time when our taxes are going up.  I'm not rich by any means, and sending another $200 a month (between my wife and I) to Uncle Sam isn't helping me with my energy and food bills - let alone discretionary spending.  I have no idea how people who make less do it.
Maybe I'm missing something, but our National Debt is well over $16 trillion - on it's way to infinity.  As if $16,000,000,000,000 isn't infinity-in-reality.

And maybe I'm missing something, but the country is more divided politically than it has been since the 1860's...Half the country hates the other half politically, and vice verse.  Anyone who denies this needs to look at Obama's 'winning' election results:  He got less votes than G.W. Bush did in his re-election bid; a fact the MSM has never bothered to expound on.
Here's the deal, I know I'm not missing any of the above.  I, and most of the country - even those who support President Obama - know his "The state of our union is strong" proclamation is crapola-on-steroids.
Which makes Obama either clueless or a liar...Most Americans know he isn't clueless.



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