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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Barack Obama (Sequestering SOB)

"These (sequestration) cuts are wrong.  They're so wrong.  They're not fair.  They're a self-inflicted wound that doesn't have to happen."

I love Obama and the Democrats gloom-and-doom talk about the sequestration.  You'd think they were being forced to cut trillions of dollars.  They aren't...You'd also think the Republicans are the ones who came up with the "self-inflicted" wounding.  They weren't.

Obama was the one who came up with this sequestration idea.  He's also the one insisting on it coming to fruition...And I'm all for it.

The sequestration is forcing the government to cut $85 billion dollars.  In the real world, $85 billion is a lot of money.  In the U.S. federal government 'budget' - as if they have one - it is chump change.

The other trick Obama's trying to pass off is that he is being forced to cut 'necessary' programs.  He's not.  The cuts are at his discretion...He can cut military spending, border enforcement, Medicare, Social Security, etc. - in other words, 'hard things.'  Or he can cut garbage like the $18 billion of crap listed in 'Wastebook'.

There's no denying there is much more than $85 billion of fraud, waste and abuse in the federal government system...Obama has literally thousands of options to cut.  He can cut all the junk, or he can cut the stuff that will hurt Americans.

IT IS ALL HIS CHOICE WHAT HE CUTS.  Time will tell which he CHOOSES to do, because it is HIS choice...Here's betting he picks the hard stuff so he can make Americans suffer.

On a final note, this sequestration is a great tipping point for the American people, because if we can't handle a small cut in government spending like the one forced in the sequestration then we'll never be able to cut anything...Sadly, I'm betting the 'wasters' and 'takers' are going to win this one.  Which will ultimately make us Greece-on-steroids.



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