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Sunday, February 03, 2013

(Up)Chuck Schumer (King of the Senate)

"We are not using border security as an excuse or block to (a) path of citizenship.  We just want to make sure, this is very important both substantively and politically, that there is a secure border.  We are not going to use it as a battering ram to prevent the 11 million from gaining a path to citizenship."

I wish these clowns (D's and R's) would drop that "path to citizenship" garbage.  It's amnesty for illegal aliens who are in the U.S.  Nothing more, nothing less...Maybe this is the right thing to do and maybe it is not, but please quit screwing around with the language.

Chuckie and his pals most definitely plan on giving these illegals citizenship - heaven knows how many there are, but I wish this would be another truth they'd quit playing with...The talking heads like to talk about those 'living in the shadows of society', and for all we know it's far more than 11 million.  It may be 30 million, or 50 million, or who knows how many million...I'd bet it is closer to the 30 million figure than 11 million, but since no one really knows then no one really knows.  That's a scary proposition in its own right.

That said, Chuckie must think we are completely stupid to think anything is going to change with border security.  Sure no one wants jihadis to sneak across our porous borders, not even Democrats, but Democrats care more about a perpetual source of new voters than they really care about protecting the border...If this weren't true they would have finished the border security measures passed in 2007.  Instead they've ignored them; even though many Democrats voted for them at the time.

Also, Chuckie knows no matter what is passed President Obama will simply refuse to enforce the new laws when it comes to illegal immigration.  Just as he has refused to enforce the current laws we have, which are more than adequate but require a President who is willing to carry them out.

So, lets cut the BS and drop the shell game going on in Congress.  There won't be any real border security measures (other than those printed on the paper, but ignored by Obama), and there will be many millions of new citizens - makers and takers (if history is an indicator it'll be about 50/50), and most importantly voters...Have the balls to just say it and name it 'Amnesty Bill 2013.'  I may not like it, but I will at least respect its honesty.



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