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Monday, March 18, 2013

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

"We are conducting environmental impact studies for a potential additional GBI site in the United States.  While the administration has not made any decision on whether to proceed with an additional site, conducting environmental impact studies will shorten the timeline for construction."

- "GBI" = Ground Base Interceptors...The context is the North Korean threat to the U.S.

So many things come to mind with the SecDef's statement, but I'm going to highlight four items.

1.  Funny how when Ronald Reagan pushed this idea of GBI's it was mocked by the Left as 'Star Wars'...It's a great idea if Obama does it though.

2.  Funny how when G.W. Bush wanted to put 44 GBI's in Alaska the Left called him crazy and fought it...We currently have 30 GBI's, and Obama is putting 14 more up there.  Again, great idea when Obama does it.  Hopefully we don't need them before they are completed in 2017, but better late than never - I guess.

3.  The administration must really think North Korea is serious, otherwise there's no way they'd be putting the extra 14 GBI's in Alaska...I am at least thankful for this.

4.  Did Hagel really say we're going to have to wait for the EPA to determine if it's ok to put up more GBI's?  (Congress has advised at least four more be put in place.)  We are asking the EPA if it's ok to defend the nation against rouge nuclear nutters?


Not even Hagel and Obama can be this stupid, can they?  What if the EPA rules the additional GBI's aren't environmentally friendly?  Are we going to sit around naked waiting to be hit?  ARE YOU F'N KIDDING ME????


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