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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Susan Wright (Schall Elementary School Principal)

Our commitment is always to our children and creating a safe place for them to learn, grow and have respectful dialogues about their differences.”

- Part of a statement after harassing a 9-year old and his parents who brought cupcakes to school for the child's birthday...The cupcakes had small toy army soldiers on them.

"A safe place to learn"?

Let's see, it is 'unsafe' for kids to get cupcakes with toy soldiers on them...And no, it's not because the 9-year olds might put the toys in their mouth and choke, or even worse because the cupcakes were homemade (those with school-age kids will get that one).  The problem is because the toy soldiers had - wait for it.

The toy soldiers has little toy guns attached to them.

OH MY!!!  THE HORROR!  Toy soldiers, with toy guns.

"have respectful dialogues about their differences."

Who is this principle kidding?  There is no "dialogue about their differences."  Kids in school have two choices:  1.  Accept the Liberal propaganda that's shoved down their throat.  2.  Shut up.

There is no "dialogue,"  unless you submit to said propaganda, that is.

We are raising a generation of complete lunatics - not to mention mush-heads who can't read or think...These kids aren't even allowed to see an image of a gun, yet they are expected to accept little boys wanting to go potty in the little girls room.

Which will surely lead to big boys wanting to go peepee in the big girls room, but I digress.

As a nation, we are out of control.  We have turned everything upside-down, made things that are good to be bad, made things that are bad to be good, and made things that are absolutely nothing to be huge issues...Worst of all, we are completely mind-fucking our children with insane PC BS.


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