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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chris Matthews (Disgrace II)

"[W]hat difference does it make why they did it."

- "they" being the Boston Bomber Boys.

Oh what a difference a week makes.

Before the world found out who bombed the Boston Marathon, Chris was all: 'We must find who did this and why it happened.  Why did a radical, racist, Whitey Righty kill all of these innocent people?'

Now that we know it was a pair of radical Muslims (at the minimum a pair) he's singing a much different tune:  "what difference does it make why they did it."

Sounds about right...The situation doesn't fit Matthews' hopes and dreams so now he's ready to move - move on to the next chance to attack his opponents.

Not that anyone watches MSNBC but keep him in mind every time you watch the Mainstream/Lamestream/Midstream Media, because all of them are little more than Chris Matthews carbon copies.

If anyone does happen to fall into the toilet next week and runs across the 'Matthews Show', let me know if he's gone completely off the edge and is starting to make excuses and feel sorry for the bombers...That would be funny if it wasn't so likely.



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