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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

AC 3/60


- 'AC 360' is a CNN show, headlined by a guy named Anderson Cooper...Due to the show's poor ratings, I assume many have no idea what 'AC 360' is - though they may know Cooper from his fluffy daytime show.

The blank quote is the empty space filled by at least 57 of the 60 minutes in the show.  Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of talking, but for 57 minutes this program - which claims to be tough-hitting, serious news - talked about a skank who butchered her husband and three young ladies who were missing for years.

These were certainly interesting stories, but come on.

How about this for a story, today was the first time the survivors of the 9/11/12 Benghazi massacre told the 'real' story about what happened.  Not the story the White House made up about an anti-Islam video making a few guys go crazy, but the 'real' story about how our foreign service personnel begged for help, and were more or less left to die in the sands of Libya.

Now there's a story.  A massive cover up, the size of which we haven't seen since Watergate (or maybe Fast & Furious, which has been skipped over as well).  Except Americans actually died in Benghazi (and F&F), unlike Watergate...Not according to 'AC 360', however, which I'm sure mirrored the rest of the MSM.

I've always said the MSM doesn't out-and-out lie about stories that don't reflect their world-view.  They just ignore and bury them with salacious BS - fully knowing the majority of the American people are apathetic enough to be BS'd...It's a sad reality.  One the American people are more to blame for than the MSM, by the way.

That said, today I learned something about the 'AC 360' show.  I used to think '360' meant it covered all angles of the biggest stories (not really, but play along)...Now I know it stands for real news for 3 minutes out of 60.  The other 57 minutes is either propaganda spewing Liberal ideology, or garbage hiding things they don't want to talk about.  Which is why the show should rightly be called 'AC 3/60'

*Truth be told, the reason I am harping on 3 minutes is because I tuned into the show at 3 minutes, and assume 'AC' spent at least that 3 minutes going over the Benghazi story...In all actuality he may not have (probably didn't), and the show should be called 'AC 0/60'.


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