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Sunday, May 05, 2013

General Martin Dempsey (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)

"I think it's fairly common knowledge that our population of military-age young men who qualify for the military is declining."

This isn't necessarily a Liberal Quote (which is why it's in purple - instead of the normal commie-red), but it is a statement about the pathetic state of our Liberal society.

Too many young American men are pussies who've never been encouraged to compete or fight; and heaven forbid they've ever been given a gun or a knife...Instead we've raised a couple generations of fem-boys, who've been taught to subjugate their inner-male.  And if they dare to allow their maleness to come out they're instantly diagnosed as deviant, with ADD, having some kind of psychological disorder, etc.

Add on the problem of male drug addiction, health problems, lack of education and legal problems and it's no wonder there aren't enough 'good men' to fill out our military rolls...A sad state of affairs for our nation in deed.  One our enemies are watching, and will eventually prey on no doubt.

Anyone think the girls will be any better?

"There are existing standards - many of which haven't been dusted off in a very long time, many of which have been kind of narrowly focused just on physical standards, but without the companion piece of psychologically and intellectual standards." - Gen. M. Dempsey

Good luck with that.


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