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Monday, June 03, 2013

Rep. Danny Davis (D - Illinois)

"You know, after listening to all of the discussion and reading all of the information that I've read, I am not convinced that this (Obama scandals - IRS, journalists, Benghazi, etc.), is a great big political conspiracy.  I would certainly admit that there has been some ineptitude, there has been some lack of serious management procedures used and adhered to."

Everything is relative, and compared to Rep. Davis' place of occupation he may be correct:  He works in the US Congress!  A pretty high bar for pathetic leadership.

A place where "political conspiracy", "ineptitude" and a "lack of serious management procedures" is the norm.

So maybe his comment about the Obama scandals is understandable:  Compared to the ones he deals with in his line of business they are nothing.


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