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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rep. Jim McDermott (D - Washington)

"When you start saying that this is the face of terrorism, you are really stigmatizing a whole group of people."

- Commenting on an FBI ad called 'Faces of Global Terrorism,' which showed pictures of 16 wanted terrorists.

Liberals never say it out loud, but almost all of the terror acts in the U.S. (and just about everywhere else) are committed by Muslims - most of which have been Arabs...So you'd think it would make sense to show the faces of terrorists we know to have bad intentions towards us.  Just like is done with every other 'Most Wanted' type of poster - be they white, black, or whatever.

Nah!  We wouldn't want to offend the senses of terrorists...And if people are worried about other Muslims and Arabs being upset maybe these people can do more to show they aren't compliant when it comes to terrorism; maybe they can stand up against terrorists rather than sitting on their hands - or helping them.

Our country is going nuts, because it is led by nutters, and the blow back which will eventually come will be tremendous...Either that or we'll submit to the will of those who are much more mentally tough and brutal than we are.

Prior to the 2000's I would have never believed the American people would ever be cowed, but now it's a toss-up.


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