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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Majority Leader Harry Reid (Budgeteer)

"It's been 86 days since the Senate passed a budget.  Republicans, stop obstructing us from proceeding to conference."

- It's closer to 100 days now.

How rich.  Harry and the Democrat Party have led the Senate for the entirety of the Obama Years, and he went over four years (well over 1000 days) without bothering to pass a budget...But now he's worried about a hundred days?  Who is he kidding?

The Democrats would rather never have a legitimate budget, preferring to forever spend money we don't have on the current Zombie Budget - going forward, listlessly, with no aim, rules or endpoint.

Here's an idea for the Leader:  The House would love to forward a legitimate budget to the Senate for Harry to pass.  Any chance this would happen?  NOPE.

And how do I know it wouldn't happen?  Because this is exactly what the House has done since the Republicans took it over in 2010; they've passed a budget and it has died in the Senate...Not that Obama would have signed a real budget - or bothered to uphold it if one was passed.

Same ol', same ol'.  As it will continue to be until the Democrats lose the Senate...And until we get a President who cares about budgets, as well.



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