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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Andrew Sullivan (Typical Liberal)

"With any luck we won't be (a superpower in 20 years)...I think the transition to a post-imperial America is coming.  I think it's overdue and I welcome it."

Typical Liberal indeed.

Problem is there is a huge difference between a superpower, a great power, and a second-rate power...The difference isn't simply about a country's military.  History shows every former great military power saw its economic strength fall almost equally to its military power.

I have no doubt Sullivan knows this.  I also have no doubt he would love to see American economic power fall right along with our military power...Because he is a Typical Liberal.

What I wonder is how many average Americans who call themselves Liberals understand the degradation of our military will lead to the decline in our economy.  And how many of them understand it will affect them?  Not just mean ol' pro-military Conservatives.

Don't believe me?  Check with the Brits how life has been since they became a second rate power...Even better, check with all of the former great powers in history and see how they have fared after dropping from the status of a first-rate power.  You shouldn't be surprise to find many have disappeared altogether.  You would be a fool to think our country is above the pit-falls of every other formerly great nation.


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