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Monday, August 19, 2013

Kevin Drum (PC Pud Whacker)

"Dan Snyder's team would be the R-word, to go along with the N-word and the C-word and all the others."

- Dan Snyder is the owner of the Washington Redskins NFL team...Kevin Drum is a writer for MotherJones.com

The Washington Redskins football team is one of the NFL's great franchises, and they should never change their name.  No matter how much the PC maniacs come after them, because there is nothing anyone can ultimately do to make these idiots happy.

Teams like the Bears, Lions, Ravens and Seahawks will surely come under pressure eventually for presenting the likeness of animals in an insensitive way.  The Vikings will be ripped for making Norsemen look like plundering barbarians, the Saints will be attacked for being too Christian, the Jets will be too militaristic, and the Browns are the worst because they disparage Hispanics...Liberal do-gooders simply look for things to attack, and never look back - yet they like to pretend they are fair and unprejudiced.

Luckily, no on in the sports world cares what clownish online rags like MotherJones, The New Republic, Slate, etc., call the Redskins.  They could call them the R-word, they could call them Humpty Dumpty; no one cares.

That said, there is one NFL team whose name Liberals love:  the Packers...But that's because they don't understand the Packers are named in honor of those who pack 'meat,' not 'fudge.'


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