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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ed (Scheisse-for-Brains) Schultz

"Thanks to Republican policies - and I don't care if [Detroit's] been under Democrat rule or not, it's Republican policies that have come down from the state and the country that have put this city in a bad position."

Huh?!?!  Schultz must be trying out for the role of Charlie Brown's teacher or something...'Wahh, wahh, wahh, wahh' - otherwise known as the 'Official Motto of MSNBC.'

I can't make any sense out of what's he's trying to get at, but I know there are some sports fans out there, so let me try to put Schultz's scheisse into football parlance.

'Thanks to Bill Belichick's policies - and I don't care if the Lions were lead by Matt Millen or not, the football decisions of the New England Patriots are to fault for the Detroit Lions being perpetually garbage, having an 0-16 season, and continuing to embarrass themselves by losing year after year to the Arizona Cardinals.'

Sounds about as logical as blaming the city of Detroit's problems on Republicans, who haven't been in charge since way before the place became a toilet...A place better inhabited by Schultz's than humans.



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