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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent Socialist Wanna-be)

"The only long-term solution to America's healthcare crisis is a single-payer national healthcare program."

Those who read The Right is Right, know I brought up 'Unintended Consequences' of ObamaCare...Sanders' comment is about the 'Intended Consequence' of ObamaCare.

The Left is going to use ObamaCare, and the failures which will ensue, as the vehicle to destroy the American health insurance system...It's important to note, these failures will be failures by the standards of most Americans, but successes in the eyes of the Left; who want to tear down what we have to create a Euro-style national health care system.

They want to do this because they believe the Euro-Socialist model is better; not because they are Marxist-Leninist-Stalinists-Maoists, etc., but because they prefer Europe's equality/non-competition model to America's capitalist/competition model...I don't think they are bad people for believing this, I just think they are wrong.  Wrong because the Euro model hasn't proved to be better than ours.  Wrong because I don't think Americans are as weak as Euros, needing to be coddled from cradle to grave.

But maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe we are as pathetic as the Euros.  Either way, we will find out as ObamaCare fulfills the Left's 'Intended Consequence.'  Hopefully, the 'Unintended Consequences' don't cause too much pain on the way to ObamaCare's failure/success - depending on who determines them.  Hopefully our health care system isn't destroyed by the destruction of our health insurance system (I hope you understand the difference)...Either way, the American people are going to be left with an interesting choice when all is said and done:  Continue on the American path, or take up the European one.

I could be wrong on this as well, but it seems to me far more Europeans (and most everyone else in the world) would rather live in America (flaws and all) than Americans would rather live in Europe (Utopian ideals and all).

Our kids and grand kids will be the ones who live through our choices...Good, bad or otherwise.


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