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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tirge ('Useful Idiot')

"My wife and I just got our updates from Kaiser telling us what our 2014 rates will be.  Her monthly has been $168 this year, mine $150.  We have a high deductible.  We are generally healthy people who don't go to the doctor often.  I barely ever go.  The insurance is in case of a major catastrophe.  Well, now, because of Obamacare, my wife's rate is going to $302 per month and mine is jumping to $284.  I am canceling insurance for us and I am not paying any fucking penalty.  What the hell kind of reform is this?"

- dailykos.com is one of the largest blogs on the Internet...It is far Left.  Tirge is a frequent commenter at the Kos; a typical Libby turd.

What, did Liberals think they'd be spared from the pain of ObamaCare just because they were supporters of it?  Did they think Obama would create a 'waiver' of sorts for those who supported him, and only hurt those who didn't?

"Oh, ok, if we qualify, we can get some government assistance.  Great.  So now I have to jump through another hoop to just chisel some of this off.  And we don't qualify, anyway, so what's the point?" - Tirge

Wait a minute!  If ol' Tirge "don't qualify" then he must be rich.  Or as Obama puts it, he must be a "fat cat"...Sucker!

Here's a quote from someone who commented on Tirge's comment:  "What did they expect?  Weren't they paying attention?  Or maybe it's like Animal House - but with Obama saying "you f***** up...you trusted us." - (name unknown)

"f***** up," indeed!  As did the rest of the fools who voted for Obama and his merry band of SOB's...I'm not gonna lie, I hope every single American who voted for Obama and any other Democrats since 2008 get caught in the flack of the ObamaCare grenade, because they are ultimately the ones who have brought this on all of us.

Because THEY were the 'useful idiots' who put Obama, Reid and Pelosi in a position to create such havoc.


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