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Monday, November 11, 2013

Alex Seitz-Wald (An Honest Lefty)

"America, we've got some bad news:  Our Constitution isn't going to make it...[T]he Constitution simply isn't cut out for 21st-century governance."

An honest Lefty indeed!  One who doesn't hide the fact he wants to do away with our traditional system of "governance."

The question is why?  Why do these Lefty's want to get rid of our constitution; The Constitution?

The answer is simple.  The U.S. Constitution was designed to put the brakes on government.  For the people to control the government - instead of vice verse, and for the state governments to have much more power than modern-day central-planning-authoritarians would like them to have.

I wonder if he would feel the same about Righty's who would like to create a new constitution in order to design the country the way they want it?  For some reason I'm pretty sure he doesn't like that idea...The funny thing is he's crazy if he thinks the Left will control the government forever, and when they lose it you can bet your life he and his Lefty pals will be screaming for the government to have less power.  Remember how much they cried about the abuses of the Right during the Bush years?

Such was the genius of the Founding Fathers - they didn't want anyone or any group to have too much control...Which is why they created a system where the people are entrusted to hold back the crazy-train tendencies of their leaders.

Now, if only the people would get off their keisters and do their job - against both Republicans and Democrats.


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