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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rep. Jared Polis (D - Colorado)

"American citizens are essentially being forced to pay for the health care costs of people who are here illegally every day, until we pass comprehensive immigration reform...We’re wondering why rates are going up...It’s no surprise. When somebody doesn’t have insurance, their costs are shifted onto other people that do."

I love it!  Instead of solving the problem of illegal immigrants overrunning our health care system by eliminating illegal immigration, this clown is not only trying to sell that ObamaCare can work, he's selling that it will work only if we find a way to give these illegal immigrants free health care...Because you can bet your last dollar most of the illegals will go straight to the freebie - excuse me, 'subsidy' - if given the opportunity.  I see it everyday in my office.  Not all, but a vast majority.


Let me make sure I have this correct:  The Democrats passed ObamaCare in an attempt to give health insurance to 50 million Americans - the alleged reason, anyway.  But it's going to take another 15-20 million illegal immigrants to be regularized to get ObamaCare going?

Again, genius!  I totally see how the calculus works on this problem.

Genius!, if the goal is to kill the American health care system - along with many other American systems.  Including America as a whole...Which very well may be the goal.

And don't for one minute forget every time you hear "comprehensive immigration reform" what you are hearing is AMNESTY WITHOUT LEGITIMATE BORDER SECURITY by another name...Regardless of who you hear it from - Democrats or Republicans.

Any politician who claims otherwise is lying...They may as well be going all Barack Obama, telling you:  'If you like your country, you can keep your country.'


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