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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jonathan Gruber (ObamaCare Architect)

"I would view it as part of a broader set of evidence that covering people with health insurance doesn't save money...That was sometimes a misleading motivator for the Affordable Care Act.  The law isn't designed to save money.  It's designed to improve health, and that's going to cost money."

Let's re-read that:  "The law isn't designed to save money."

Which is why one of the biggest lies in ObamaCare is its official name:  The Affordable Care Act.

It most definitely isn't 'saving anyone money.'  Not anyone who has to pay for health insurance, that is...Plenty more will be getting it for free, but those who have to pay are going to pay - some will pay dearly.  And who does it really affect?  The Middle Class!

The poor will get free insurance; the rich won't be bothered by the cost increase, but the Middle Class will be terribly effected...As has been the main theme of the Obama Years:  The poor staying poor, the rich staying rich - even getting richer, and the Middle Class becoming poor.

Congratulations President Obama.  Your 'hope' to 'change' - or to 'transform America' -is truly happening.


  • At 9:29 PM, Anonymous PC_Bucs said…

    But, but, BUT....the President said it would SAVE EVERYONE a LOT of money???? How can that not be true?? Are you saying he was inaccurate in his statement? /sarc


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