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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Krystal Ball (Left of the Lefties)

"So while I admire and respect Secretary (Hillary) Clinton deeply, I must say:  Don't run, Hillary.  Don't run."

Krystal is an MSNBC mouthpiece, so it's pretty easy to tell she's a goofy Lefty.  What's her beef with Hillary Clinton?

"...her entry into the race would likely keep out Elizabeth Warren or another middle-class champion." - K.B.

Oh my!  Hillary isn't Left enough!  Instead Krystal wants Clinton to step back for Senator Warren (C - Mass.).  Eghads!

For those who aren't familiar with Warren, she's the new holder of Dead Ted's Senate seat, and is one of the Left's new darlings...She's also the one who gave Obama the famous line "you didn't build that."

My favorite part is the B.S. about the "middle-class."  Supposedly Barack Obama is a "middle-class champion," yet the only ones who've done well during his stint in office have been the rich.  Especially the super rich...At least the poor have been given more freebies, but the "middle-class" has been crushed under his illustrious leadership.

My other favorite part is looking at the wealth of the so called "middle-class champions" on the American  Left - like many of her comrades, Elizabeth Warren is a multi-millionaire...Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I wish all these jokers would spare us the 'Average Joe,' 'common man' and "middle-class" crapola!


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