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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Michael Kirby (U.N. Human Rights Investigation of North Korea Chairman)

"Our mandate requires us to report on accountability...Accountability means accountability of identifiable people, who are still alive, for crimes that have been committed against international law.  Some of those crimes are against humanity, and therefore we are obliged by our mandate to consider and respond to that."

WOW!  The geniuses at the U.N. came to the conclusion that North Korea is a Hell State!  Wow, that's some real forward thinking.

So, what is the U.N. going to do about it?  Answer:  Nada!

The U.N. is the ultimate paper tiger, and there isn't anything it will do to North Korea...But I do have a suggestion:  The U.N. should have Obama announce a "red line" against North Korea.

I'm sure that would set Kim Jong-un straight.


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