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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Senator Claire McCaskill (D - Mizzou)

"Probably not."

- Answer to a question: 'if you were up for re-election would you invite President Obama to campaign with you.'

Hell no, she wouldn't!  The guy is toxic!

Barack Obama might be the greatest personal campaigner in the history of the American republic, but he is a cancer for anyone who is attached to him.  Why?

Obama is the perfect personal campaigner because he has found a magical formula for playing on the hearts and minds of white guilt, and he is willing to say anything to anyone, with no concerns for telling even the most blatant lies - which is the truly the secret sauce behind 'Hope and Change.'

Obama is a cancer for anyone other than himself in his party because he's a terrible president - his policies are hated by most Americans (and since ObamaCare took effect even more are realizing he is also a blatant liar) - and those he campaigns with aren't able to cleans themselves of his tint as well as he personally is.

Which is why the Democrats got slaughtered in 2010, and why very well may again in this year's House, Senate and Governor's elections.


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