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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Film Works (Hypocritical SOB's)

"We are greatly concerned that the state's status as the epicenter for motion picture production is at risk...If policymakers fail to make our state more competitive, the film industry in California will face the same fate as other industries, including aerospace, which resulted in thousands of jobs permanently leaving California for other states."

- Part of an online petition, by this 'entertainment-industry advocate organization,' trying to get California to lower taxes on the movie and entertainment industry.

This is really rich.

The entertainment industry is populated almost entirely by Liberal, Democrat-supporting turds, yet they think they should be exempt from the pain of Liberal, Democrat policies.

SCREW THEM!  Let these hypocritical SOB's reap what they have sown.  Most of their product is garbage anyway...If you don't want to pay high taxes take your production to Texas, Alaska, Arizona, or some other place you haven't ruined with your Liberal, Democrat-supporting turdliness!

Wait a minute; I take it back...Keep yourselves in California.  No need to ruin the rest of the country.


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